In these videos Nick gives you his tips and techniques for bringing out the most of your milkyway and astrophotography images


Covered in this course:

  • Dual processing RAW files
  • Exposure Blending multiple files
  • Milkyway Panoramas
  • Targeted adjustments using luminosity masks
  • Bringing out the detail in the Milkyway
  • Controled Dodging and Burning
  • Adding Glow and Atmosphere
  • Adding in light painted frames
  • Selective noise reduction


This is a 5 video set, with 3 complete image walk through edits, as well as two previously released videos containing behind the scenes videos from in the field as well as the planning stage planning a shoot with a combined runtime of almost 2 hours.


Also included in this package are the RAW files from the videos for practicing on

Dual Processing

Learn the power and usefulness of the "Dual Processing" technique in regards to night photography

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Add light painted frames to illuminate and clean up foregrounds.

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Shoot and process Milkyway Panoramas

Capture the milkyway

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